Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I Want for Christmas....

So much drama over one little tooth today! I wish my little monkey was a little braver...(or is it more brave?)
I remember wanting my teeth out so badly when I was young that I would tug away at them well before they were ready to come out. Maybe that could also just be my memory, maybe I wasn't that brave either.
At one point tonight I told her, as her tooth dangled by a thread, that she couldn't have anything else to eat until the tooth came out and she started to cry and said "will I die?". Oh my. Trying not to diminish her concern with my laughter, I reassured her that no, she will not die and that her tooth will be out tonight. "How do you know for sure?" she asked. "A mommy knows these things" I told her. I'm sure glad that I wasn't wrong!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Tree

Here are some of my most favourite ornaments on our tree, I had to resist posting pictures of every single ornament!  Do we all feel that way about our ornaments?

Each member of my family possesses a portion of this chain made by my Great Grandmother.  She made it by painstakingly peeling the foil off the paper backing from each paper in her cigarette pack, I can't imagine  how many packs of cigarretts she smoked to make each chain.  We lovingly refer to it as the Chain Smokers chain.